Waste-Free Advocates is currently building up five campaigns for the 2022 year. Read more below.

Multifamily Composting

Short for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, the JEDI initiative is meant to incorporate these values into our mission and practice as well as any work or collaboration that we do alongside other organizations. This includes keen attention to environmental justice and asking the question ‘Are we accessible for everyone in Oregon?’

Waste-Free Advocates is working hard to ensure that Oregon has the best possible policies to reduce consumption and waste. We do this by providing input to city, county, region, and state advisory committees and to elected officials and staff. We also monitor proposed legislation and regulations, and we let you know when writing or calling your elected official or a government agency could be helpful in pushing forward favorable policy. 

Multifamily composting is one of the best methods for eliminating landfill waste and creating efficient circular systems within our communities.

This campaign seeks to highlight partners that are making strides in the Zero- Waste realm. Check out our Youtube Channel to view our interviews with regional and local change-makers. 

Make zero-waste part of your daily habits by joining the BYO movement. When you head out and about remember to “bring your own” durable item to avoid use of disposable items.