Waste-Free Advocates was founded in 1987 as Recycling Advocates. Today, WFA is one of Oregon’s oldest citizen-based groups dedicated to engaging people in creating a sustainable future through local efforts to minimize over-consumption and waste.

The organization is run by an elected Board of Directors comprised of solid waste professionals, policy activists, local business owners, and dedicated volunteers who are passionate about creating a zero-waste Oregon.

Waste-Free Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and a proud member of Earth Share Oregon.


Who we serve:

WFA strives to meet people wherever they are on their journey to reduce waste. We like to serve as the bridge between the general population and potential business resources. We see ourselves as strengthening the network between government, business and the general population in order to support healthy change and opportunity in all sectors.

What do we offer our clients/communities?

  • Access to information and resources
  • A network
  • Education and  guidance
  • Environmental advocacy at the local and state level
  • Events

Gaps and holes we solve for:

We’re passionate about the strength of small, positive changes, and are solutions-based in our approach. We’re here to build up the movement, including other organizations, and we like to promote businesses that offer positive solutions. Our actions are data driven, and based on climate science. As a network, we unite anyone who might feel isolated in their beliefs about the importance of eliminating waste. 


President: Brittney Wendell – president@recyclingadvocates.org

Treasurer: Haley Robinson – treasurer@recyclingadvocates.org

Resource Director: Julia Bonnheim – director@wastefreeadvocates.org